Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Group Nutrition Program

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group nutrition program called
Making Eating with EDS Easier

Ditch confusion, overwhelm, and stress by learning life-changing strategies that will make eating with EDS feel easy in an engaging 4-week program alongside a supportive community of patients just like you.

Virtual group program

Four weeks of live sessions facilitated by Katie Mednick RD

Virtual group program + two health coaching sessions

Four weeks of live sessions facilitated by Katie Mednick RD, PLUS two (2) calls with certified health coach Whitney Dahl for additional support

The support and community you've been searching for

Making Eating with EDS Easier

Whether you have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome or you’re supporting a family member with this condition, you’ll love this group program! In four weeks, you’ll be saying nutrition for EDS has never felt easier!

Now enrolling for June 2024!

Four Weekly Group Sessions

Each week is dedicated to a specific topic that’s designed to provide the information, strategies, and resources you need to make eating with EDS feel easier. Here’s a sneak preview…

Week 1: I have EDS...what the heck am I supposed to eat?!

We break down the myths and facts when it comes to EDS and food choices so you can feel confident about eating with EDS.

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Week 2: Navigating Digestive Symptoms

Learn about the digestive system, common GI conditions seen in EDS patients, plus learn how to create your gameplan to address your GI symptoms.
Woman with IBS clutching her stomach with one hand and putting her other hand on her forehead
Week 3: How to support your body with the right nutrition

Learn how to meet your nutrient needs by using my no-fuss framework to create simple but nutritious meals and snacks.
fruits and vegetables in bowls on a white table
Week 4: How to cook, shop, and eat in affordable and accessible ways

We cover tips, tricks, shortcuts, and truly accessible ways to eat well, even when you don't feel well.  
Roasted chickpeas

Does figuring out what to eat feel stressful or overwhelming?

Maybe a few of these thoughts sound familiar…

“Figuring out what to eat feels completely overwhelming…between my fatigue, worrying about making digestive issues worse, and not knowing what foods are good for my body…I just am not sure what to do.”


“Do I have to keep taking foods out of my diet to see if that helps me feel better? I’ve tried so many different diets and avoiding so many foods but there’s honestly not much more I can take out at this point…I miss eating my favorite foods.”


“My digestive issues are making it nearly impossible to eat a healthy variety of foods. It seems like I just eat French fries, rice, and cereal these days. I don’t know how to get help with my digestive issues so I can eat nourishing foods again.”


“Grocery shopping and cooking feel completely overwhelming…maybe I’ll try again tomorrow. I’ve got to figure out a way to make this feel easier because it shouldn’t be this hard.”


“I am totally unsure about what foods or diets will actually help me feel better. It honestly makes me a little stressed because I just want to give my body what it needs to feel better. ”

If these are the thoughts that race through your head, you're in the right place! This program provides exactly what you need to finally feel at ease when it comes to supporting your EDS diagnosis with nutrition.

Dietitian Katie Mednick in front of a laptop in a kitchen

Nutrition is one of the most important ways to support Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome symptom management…but it’s one of the most overlooked areas for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome patients

As a registered dietitian with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, I know first hand how life changing good nutrition can be. I’m on a mission to share this information with every EDS patient across the globe!

How does the program work?


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Enroll in the program

Choose between the foundation group program or the group program with two (2) additional health coaching sessions.


Participate or watch later

Choose to participate in our weekly live sessions or watch the recordings later.


Complete weekly activities

Complete each weekly activity to implement what you’ve learned (and get your grocery list done and dusted!) *Not required, but encouraged!


Reflect on your experience

Reflect on your experience connecting with fellow EDS patients and learning about nutrition


Stay inspired to support your body

Continue using the resources and activities from this program to make nourishing your body easy and enjoyable for the long term!

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is designed for anyone who wants to learn about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and nutrition. Whether you are an EDS patient yourself, do not have a formal EDS diagnosis, or have a family member with EDS that you care for, you are absolutely welcome to join this program. The only requirement is that you want to learn about EDS and nutrition!

This program is designed to help you feel more confident about what to eat to support your well-being, provide simple and actionable steps towards managing digestive symptoms, and give realistic advice on how to eat well even when you do not feel well. This program will help you feel calm and empowered about nourishing your body while navigating tough symptoms like digestive issues, chronic pain, and fatigue.

When you enroll for the foundational program, you will be able to participate in live weekly sessions that are designed and facilitated by Katie Mednick RD. Recordings will be sent out after each session for those who may not have been able to attend. There are also weekly mini activities designed to help participants feel confident about what they CAN eat and what tips and tricks will help them have an easier time enjoying nourishing food. 


Participants who enroll in the group program with two health coaching sessions will have the opportunity to schedule their sessions shortly after enrollment. Health coaching sessions are designed to help participants implement their own health goals, like getting to the grocery store more regularly or getting support with accessible cooking ideas. These health coaching sessions are facilitated via phone call by Whitney Dahl, a certified health coach who is compassionate, empathetic, and genuinely enjoys supporting people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

This program is designed to support a community of Ehlers-Danlos Patients in a group education format. Since this is an educational program, Katie will not be able to provide individualized medical or nutrition advice for program participants. Participants are still welcome to ask generalized nutrition questions during sessions. 

Group participants can inquire with Katie if they are interested in purchasing a separate nutrition counseling session. Katie is not licensed in all states, so availability is based on the patient’s geographic location as well as Katie’s availability.

Yes!! This group format is perfect for connecting with other EDS patients. Enjoy being in a supportive, empowering community that’s not available anywhere else!

EDS patients of any age are welcome to participate in this program. Ideally, participants under 18 years old would view sessions with an adult family member for additional support.

I completely understand that every EDS patient is totally unique! In fact, my twin sister has EDS too and our symptoms are completely different! Your girl gets it.


But after facilitating hundreds of one on one nutrition counseling sessions with EDS patients in the past year, I realized that that I shared 90% of the same information with every patient. While everyone’s body is unique, our questions are usually the same!


So not only does this group program share EXACTLY the same information that I would share with individual patients, but it actually contains even more detailed information that would just not fit into short individual appointments.


I truly believe that this program would be beneficial for everyone with EDS because it’s the product of hundreds of hours of conversations with patients just like you.

Meet The Team

The EDS Nutrition health professionals

Katie Mednick dietitian holding kale
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (and EDS patient!)

Katie Mednick, MBA, RD

Katie has worked hand in hand with over 50 EDS patients in the first year of her private practice. Her favorite part of being a dietitian is helping fellow EDS patients find relief from digestive issues, fatigue, and chronic pain through simple but actionable recommendations.

Certified Health Coach

Whitney Dahl

Whitney is passionate about helping people find joy in taking care of their minds and bodies. Her favorite part of being a health coach is supporting people with achieving their unique health goals in small but achievable steps.

Picture of Whitney Dahl

Join one of the only dietitian-led group nutrition programs for people with EDS

Tired of struggling in silence? Learn exactly what you NEED to know to make eating with EDS feel easy and enjoyable

Enrollment Deadline is June 9th, 2024

Enroll before June 9th to participate!

What EDS patients are saying about this program

Loved learning about cool tools like Cronometer to understand my nutrition habits. As someone who experiences unintentional weight loss and severe GI distress, it's been so reassuring to see that when I'm feeling okay, I actually do so much better than I thought I do at getting good nutrition in.
fruits, pears, green-1534494.jpg
This program is an excellent way to learn how to make eating be a source of nutrition and energy rather than another exhausting task that needs to happen every day. This program was encouraging and actively took away any shame associated with how we eat or accommodate our lives to sustain ourselves!
apricots, fruits, food-2994801.jpg
Supporting our bodies with the right nutrition was my favorite topic because it really explained how lacking certain nutrients affects the body and how that plays an even bigger role when you have EDS. I would recommend this group program because there is no other program that focuses on EDS and clearly shows the tie-in between nutrition and feeling better.
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Virtual group program

Four weeks of live sessions facilitated by Katie Mednick RD

Virtual group program + two health coaching sessions

Four weeks of live sessions facilitated by Katie Mednick RD, PLUS two (2) calls with certified health coach Whitney Dahl for additional support